The right of public access

Thanks to the right of public access, everyone is given the opportunity to move freely in Swedish nature. The right also comes with demands for consideration for animals, nature, landowners and other outdoor recreationists. The main rule is do not disturb - do not destroy. Here are examples of what else you should think about:

Photo: Apelöga


You may cycle in nature but not over someone's plot or land that could be damaged. As long as you cycle on the marked trails, you don't have to worry about going against the right of way.

Single road

If you make a detour, you may end up on a single road. A landowner cannot prohibit you from cycling there unless the road is damaged, but always show respect to the landowner by not disturbing.


It is wonderful to spend the night and camp out in the open, and according to the Allemansrätten you are allowed to camp in nature for a few days. Should a larger group set up camp with many tents, you must ask the landowner for permission. Be careful not to disturb the landowner or damage nature. Choose to pitch the tent on durable ground and not in used pasture, agriculture or planting. The tent site must not be located near residential buildings. In national parks and nature reserves, special rules may apply to camping, so you must check this before pitching your tent. There are several campsites along the Cykelleden Skåne that offer nice bookable tent sites.


The public right does not give you an obvious right to set fire and you must be careful so that the fire does not risk spreading or damaging nature and animals. Only use prepared fireplaces and be sure to put them out after you. Growing trees or parts of them may not be taken, which includes rice, branches, bark, leaves, bast, acorns, nuts and resin. This means that you may not cut down trees to get firewood or building materials for the hut.

Pick flowers, berries and mushrooms

You may pick wild flowers, berries and mushrooms in nature, but some plants are protected and you may not pick them. Keep in mind that there are restrictions in national parks and nature reserves.

Special rules in national parks and nature reserves and other protected areas

In some areas, public access is limited. Find out what applies exactly where you are, either via posted signs or at or at the relevant municipality.


It's never fun to arrive at a beautiful place in nature that someone has trashed. Keep that in mind when you take a break in nature and always pick up your own rubbish. Then no one needs to be disappointed and no animals get hurt. Be sure to throw your trash in a trash can when you pass through towns and communities.

Fishing along the trail

There are several bodies of water suitable for fishing along the Skåne Cycle Path. But fishing is not free everywhere. If you move by the sea, it is usually allowed to fish with hand gear. For all other fishing waters you need a fishing license.

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