Signs & substrates

Here you will find information about how the trails are marked and what type of surface you can expect. Note that all the signs have not yet been put up, the signs will be ready before the opening on June 3.


The Skåne cycle path is a regional cycle path, this means that the path is of high quality, is traffic safe and that there is a wide range of experiences and services along the path.

The certification also means that the trail is signposted and when you cycle the trail you safely follow the red and white signs marked with no. 101, 102 or 103 regardless of which direction you choose to start from. The trail is signposted from both directions – i.e. both north to south and south to north.

When you have to turn off, this is indicated with the help of signs and during the cycle tour there are directions to remind you that you are on the right road. Along the trail there are also signs indicating the distance to the nearest towns. Where the trail starts/ends and in some towns, there are larger information signs about the bike trails, well worth stopping at for some extra information and inspiration.


The Skåne cycle path consists for the most part of asphalted roads. About 30% of the trail is gravel. 32% of the trail runs on its own cycle path and is thus separated from car traffic, which feels extra safe when cycling with children, for example.

82% of the Skåne Cycle Path runs on asphalt, 18% on gravel. 68% of the entire trail is in mixed traffic and 32% on a cycle path.

Delled 101 runs on 79% asphalt and 21% gravel. 70% of the trail is in mixed traffic and 30% is on a cycle path.

Delled 102 runs on 89% asphalt and 11% gravel. 82% of the trail is in mixed traffic and 18% is on a cycle path.

Delled 103 runs on 82% asphalt and 18% gravel. 41% of the trail is in mixed traffic and 59% is on a cycle path.

In our map tool, you can see which part of the stage is on gravel and which part is paved, and whether the road is car-free or runs along a road in mixed traffic. Here you can also see what else is worth a visit along the trail.