Equipment & packing

On Cykelleden Skåne there are fantastic opportunities for those who want to get around on two wheels! Here are some valuable tips for you who are going on a shorter or longer bike ride:

  • There are lots of different helmets, choose the one that suits you best. A CE-marked helmet that is easy to adjust is a good choice.
  • You choose clothes depending on the weather and season, but a pair of padded cycling pants is a good start. A pair of gloves or mittens can be nice in colder weather.
  • You burn easily when you are out cycling in the summer. Sunglasses and sunscreen provide good protection. Remember the ears! A buff or knotted handkerchief protects the skin on the neck from the sun's rays.
  • Store the phone in a waterproof case so it doesn't get wet if it starts to rain.
  • Map and compass help you so that you don't end up on astray.
  • Take a pump with you, and preferably an extra hose if you cycle long distances. A mini tool with chain breaker, tire remover, self-adhesive punk patches, extra chain link and silver tape is handy to have in your backpack.
  • First aid is always good to have with you in case of an accident.
  • Mosquito repellent keeps uninvited guests away.