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2 Sjöbo - Hörby

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    60.9 km

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In section leg, from plains to forests and grazing lands, you will bike through the varied nature of Scania. Enjoy two Scanian conurbations which offer cafés and shops.

If you are planning to make a detour at Sövde, you can visit Äventyrscampen at Sövde airfield to play mini-golf, eat well or see if there is an opportunity to book one of all the other fun activities of the adventure camp.

If you make a detour next to Sjöbo, you can both eat at an inn and you can advantageously stop off at a castle or visit a museum. In fact, it has been both modernized, rebuilt and moved several times since it was first erected as a stump mill in the mid-18th century. Today it stands proudly in the middle of the Sjöbo urban area and you will find a cosy coffee shop named after it right next door. There is also a larger selection of food in the village where you will find, among other things, a joint with Vietnamese food, others with sushi and a number of pizzerias. You can also get help with the bike at the local bike dealer or pump up the tires at the bus station.

Between Sjöbo and Lund, work is underway on a new biosphere reserve; Storkriket. Storkriket is an area of unique biological and geological values, with its wealth of fauna, flora, cultural history, geology, food production and various development initiatives, has the best conditions to fulfil the criteria for a biosphere reserve.

Further along this leg, you bike through a great variety from Scanian plain to forest and grazing land. Visit the exhibitions, castle garden, commercial garden and castle café at Övedskloster and you can take a break and park your bike for a while to take a few kilometers of hiking on one of the hike tours that are offered and recommended.

In the middle of central Vollsjö, in the old trackman cabin, you will find the Pirate Museum. Here you will find both a permanent exhibition and a separate exhibition in the annex. Nils Fritiof Adam Nilsson, since his youth called "The Pirate", made his debut as a writer in 1932 with the book "Bombi Bitt and me". Even his tombstone has become famous through its inscription "Here below are the ashes of a man who had the habit of putting off everything until the next day. However, he recovered to the extreme and died on 31 January. 1972”. Here, too, you will find a beautiful mill, which also houses a café.

There is another interesting and unique museum along this leg. At Arnold's Cannibal Museum just north of Önneköp, Arnold the Adventurer displays cult items and odd tools which he collected during his many journeys to remote locations around the world.

In Hörby there is good service in the form of a restaurant, café and grocery store so that you store up new energy before continuing your journey further north. 

Along Sub trail 102 there are train stations in the following locations: Ystad, Höör, Kågeröd, Klippan, Förslöv and Båstad

60.9 km


  • 45-65 km
  • Medel
  • Slätt
  • Cykelleden Skåne
  • Blandtrafik, asfalt
  • Blandtrafik, grus



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