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On your bike saddle in the center of Skåne, you can enjoy popular recreational areas, buildings from the 18th century and lovely nature on this leg.

In Hörby, the bike trail Skåne's section 102 and section 103 meet, to run parallel between Hörby and Höör. As a green lung just a stone's throw from the center of Hörby is Karnas Backe, which today is a popular recreational area, but which in the early 20th century was a place with amusement park, shooting ranges, singing and dancing.

Take the time to a stop at Lågedammsbadet in Hörby if your cycling muscles are in need of a little rest. Here you have both indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna, a whirlpool, water slides and an indoor solarium with a sandy beach.

In the village of Fulltofta, you can put in a visit to Fulltofta Gård with its beautiful buildings, which in the 18th century also had a brewery, distillery and cultivation of hops. A tradition which has been resumed in recent years and today you can pre-book a brewery tour and tasting. Right next to the farm is Fulltofta church, which oldest parts were probably built as early as the 1160s. Marvel at medieval ceiling paintings, the baptismal font in sandstone from the early period of the church and recent glass art. Feel free to continue on down the dirt road towards Ringsjön to have a view of the stork enclosures, eat a morsel of food, swim and do some birdwatching.

Should you instead choose to make a detour east from Fulltofta village, then a visit to the Fulltofta hiking area and its Nature Center with café and exhibition is recommended. There are a number of nice hiking trails to choose from if you want to park your bike for a while.

If the weather is on your side, you can take the opportunity for a refreshing dip at Sätofta swimming pool or just enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of Lake Sätofta. There are toilet and barbecue facilities here

This leg will take you all the way to central Höör and the train station. The town in the middle of Skåne where you can take in everything from inns and cafés to spa facilities and good overnight accommodation. 

Along Sub trail 102 there are train stations in the following locations: Ystad, Höör, Kågeröd, Klippan, Förslöv and Båstad.

17 km


  • 1-30 km
  • Lätt
  • Skog
  • Tätortsnära
  • Cykelbana, asfalt
  • Blandtrafik, asfalt
  • Cykelleden Skåne



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Photographer: Mickael Tannus
Photographer: Mickael Tannus

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