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From the beaches on the Skåne riviera you can bike towards the student city of Lund. Through smaller detours, you get to experience an archaeological center, a cathedral and a cosy city center.

In Lomma, the Skåne cycle trail connects to Sydkustleden which invites you to more biking experiences through its coastal stretch, north towards Helsingborg and south towards Malmö and further towards Simrishamn.

Before you start biking further inland, make a stop and stroll around Lomma's cosy and small marina with a nice view of the entrance to the harbour and the small boats. There are a number of restaurants and coffee shops nearby and a bathing jetty with a fine sandy beach. Take the opportunity to purchase an ice cream and take a promenade along the long beach which has become better known as Lomma beach. In Lomma there is also a train station and service shops.

From Lomma, the trail heads east towards Lund via the well-known residential area of Jakriborg. The area is built in a medieval style and is characterized by winding streets and façades in a colour scheme which evokes associations to cities in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

Further towards Lund, the trail goes through Hjärup, where there are good train connections and a newly built park with the opportunity to let the children play for a while on the playground, Vikinglekan, before the journey continues. Just outside Hjärup is the Uppåkra Archaeological Center, which is well worth a detour. Upkåkra was an Iron Age town and a power centre until the 11th century AD. With its impressive 44 hectares (approx. 80 football pitches), Uppåkra is counted as the Nordic region's largest Iron Age settlement and one of the sites with the richest finds in Northern Europe.

Just south of Lund, the trail runs through the Sankt Lars area. Former site of Lund's mental institution, so-called facility for the insane. At most, there were almost 2,500 patients registered at the hospital and it was once Sweden's largest mental institution.

End this relatively short leg by following the directions into the center of Lund for a visit to the medieval city. Take the time of spending a few extra hours in central Lund to take part in a rich cultural life, shopping, cafés and restaurants. Don't miss Lund's cathedral, which dates back to the 12th century and has become Sweden's most visited church. 

Along Sub trail 103 there are train stations in the following locations: Lomma, Lund C, Klostergården, Hjärup, Örtofta, Stehag, Eslöv, Höör and Kristianstad.

10.5 km


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