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From a railway society to Vattenrike (Water Kingdom)! Experience the contrasts on this easy section of cycling between Tollarp and Kristianstad.

Tollarp is a former station community which developed thanks to the railway built in the 1880s. The railway was an important link between Kristianstad and Malmö and for a period there was a direct trains with a restaurant car on the route. The rail was operated by steam-powered trams and had a significantly lower speed than other railways. The maximum speed was initially set at 20 km/h.

The last passenger train to Tollarp made its run in 1961 and the freight traffic a couple of years later. Today, the train has been superseded by bicycle tires and for those interested, there is plenty of cultural history to explore. In Tollarp, there are not many traces left from the railway era, apart from a large traction maintenance depot and a memorial to the railway, but in other places along the trail, station houses and trackman cabins or bridges, bridge abutments and more may still stand.

The old railway embankment is completely asphalted on this leg and the nature varies with mostly small patches of deciduous forest with elements of open expanses. Outside Kristianstad, the trail passes Skepparslövs mill from 1868 and is a so-called "Dutch”. The mill is today the only mill of its kind in north-eastern Skåne. 

Kristianstad was built as a fortified city in the middle of the vast wetlands by the Danish king Christian IV. There are many traces left in the urban environment from the time when Skåne and Kristianstad were Danish. Fortresses, ramparts, moats and bastions can be viewed for those interested in culture. One of the city's oldest buildings, Holy Trinity Church, was built by the king and is today one of Sweden's most beautiful Renaissance churches.

Kristianstad's historic city center is wonderful to visit all year round with its various museums, shops, restaurants and cafés where you can sit down for a good meal or coffee. Don't miss Naturum Vattenriket, which is a much visited destination in Kristianstad's Water Kingdom Biosphere Reserve, a stone's throw from the city center.    

More biking experiences is just around the corner and feel free to continue cycling on the Sydostleden, north towards Växjö or south towards Simrishamn,

Along Sub trail 103 there are train stations in the following locations: Lomma, Lund C, Klostergården, Hjärup, Örtofta, Stehag, Eslöv, Höör and Kristianstad.

18.5 km


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Photographer: Mickael Tannus

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