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3 Staffanstorp - Eslöv

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The section offers cycling in urban areas, through agricultural landscapes and numerous castles and manors.

This easy cycling and child-friendly section starts in Staffanstorp where there are a handful of eateries and food shops. Feel free to visit the village inn, which has been in business since the end of the 19th century. The trail continues through southwestern part of Scania's most intensively cultivated agricultural landscape. Vallby Mosse is passed and constitutes a valuable element in the arable landscape. The bog is not significantly different from other similar wetlands with the exception that it contains a colony of black-headed gulls numbering upwards of 300 pairs and is the municipality's only nature reserve.

About 4 km after Vallby Mosse, you will arrive in Dalby, a smaller settlement dating back to the 12th century. There is a cosy center with an interesting cultural history, among other things you will find Dalby church which is the oldest preserved stone church in the Nordics and an inn dating back to 1666. If you fancy Scanian specialities, this is the right place for you. There is also a grocery store and other necessary services to purchase before the journey continues towards Södra Sandby. In this part of Skåne it is close between the towns and as a cyclist you are always close to service.  

Well worth a detour, about 1.5 km, is the national park Dalby Söderskog, which is located just outside Dalby. The national park was established in 1918 and is Sweden's and Europe's smallest and consists mostly of broadleaf forest. Although one might find the park small, there is a rest area and several paths to choose from to take you around the entire national park.

Between Dalby and Södra Sandby, the trail runs through Skrylleskogen, the area's largest nature and outdoor area. The area consists of several contiguous interconnected nature reserves and offers several different long paths which make it possible to combine biking with hiking. In the vicinity of Skryllegården there is a nature room, nature playground and a restaurant with a café. There are also a number of campsites which allows overnight stays. From Dalbyvägen it is well signposted to Skryllegården. 

The trail meanders its way through the agricultural landscape and passes, among other things, Flyinge Kungsgård, one of the world's oldest breeding farms. Here you are free to visit the stables, enjoy the surroundings, have a picnic in the park or watch all the storks that live here.

Skåne is the county in Sweden with the most castles and manors, something like 170. Many of the castles were built during the 16th century, when the Danes ruled Scania and at that time the Danes had a completely different market economy and greater wealth than the Swedes. Five of these castles, Svenstorps castle, Örtofta castle, Viderup castle, Ellinge castle and Skarhults castle are passed or are close to this leg of the bike path. It is important that you show respect to the landowners by finding out if respective castle is open to the public or not, as it can vary greatly. 

In the recreation area in the middle of Örtofta there is a footpath and a train station. Here you also bike past the Örtofta sugar mill, the factory is Sweden's only remaining beet sugar factory. In the recreation area there is a footpath along the Kävlingeån, two piers, a barbecue area and a playground. The section ends in Eslöv where there is a train station, restaurants, grocery stores and a few different accommodation options.

Along Sub trail 103 there are train stations in the following locations: Lomma, Lund C, Klostergården, Hjärup, Örtofta, Stehag, Eslöv, Höör and Kristianstad.

40.4 km


  • 30-45 km
  • Medel
  • Tätortsnära
  • Blandtrafik, asfalt
  • Cykelbana, asfalt
  • Cykelleden Skåne



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Photographer: Apelöga
Photographer: Apelöga

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