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1 Kristianstad - Knislinge

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On this section you can bike through the Vattenriket biosphere area, further on old railway embankments and past places which offer wonderful swimming opportunities.

In Kristianstad, the Skåne bike trail is connected to the Sydostleden, which leads you either north towards Växjö or south towards Simrishamn, if you are looking for more cycling experiences. Read more at

The city of Kristianstad was founded for more than 400 years ago by the then Danish king Christian IV. The Treaty of Roskilde in 1658 meant that the Danes had lost Kristianstad and the rest of Skåne to the Swedes. The post-peace period was anything but calm and convivial in what is today north-eastern Skåne. Between 1675-1679, the Scanian War was ongoing when Denmark saw its chance to retake Skåne and the provinces lost in the previous peace treaties. It led to famine, disease, burnt down villages and battles for freedom and domination. It was now that the Snapphane of paramilitary group took their place in the history books. The Swedes considered anyone who harassed their troops not belonging to Denmark's army, as snapphane.

Today, Kristianstad is Skåne's fourth largest urban area with a modern urban offering, but traces of the urban environment from the Danish era can still be seen through the remnants of fortresses, ramparts, moats and bastions. The city's fantastic location in the middle of the Vattenriket biosphere area invites one to a variety of interesting places to visit with rich natural and cultural experiences. Naturum Vattenriket, one stone's throw from the city centre, is a definite destination. Here in the biosphere area, the cranes dance in the spring, in autumn thousands of wading birds rest and in the winter both the white-tailed sea eagles and otters show themselves to the visitors who are vigilant.

On your way out of the city, you are cycling on the old railway embankment, then further north along Råbelövssjön, which invites you to excellent swimming opportunities, and don't miss making a stop at the architect-designed wind shelter "pod" which is located inside the beech forest just a short distance from the beach in Österslöv.

Along this leg, there are good opportunities to park the bike for a while and head out on a hike on the Skåneleden or take a short detour north to experience a canoe trip in Immeln with its lake system.

At Knislinge there are traces of settlements from the Later Iron Age and for those interested, you can look for visible ancient remains such as petroglyphs, stone ships, burial mounds and sacrificial platforms. Today, the resort has services with restaurants, cafés and grocery stores. 

Along Sub trail 101 there are train stations in the following locations: Kristianstad, Kvidinge, Vinslöv, Hässleholm, Tyringe, Perstorp, Klippan, Åstorp and Ängelholm

30 km


  • 30-45 km
  • Tätortsnära
  • Cykelleden Skåne
  • Cykelbana, asfalt
  • Blandtrafik, asfalt



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