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On this section, you ride your bike past several geologically interesting places and further into the town of Hässleholm, which offers nice shopping, a train station and several lovely restaurants and cafés.

Pedal further west from Vinslöv to cycle at Ignaberga in the middle of your leg, an area with very interesting geology. The soft white rock chalk comes to light in several places and the limestone-rich environment creates a special flora.

As a detour from the trail, you will find the Tykarps cave, which today invites you to interesting guided tours about bats and lime mining during the 18th century. Make sure to take part in stories about snapphanar and farmers who hid among caves and ravines. Tykarp cave has also been used as a film setting in connection with a number of film shootings, among other things it was here that the scene in Mattisborgen's beer cellar in Astrid Lindgren's much beloved film about Ronia, the Robber's Daughter was shot. But several more recent TV, film and music productions have also been made here.

Spending a little longer in Hässleholm is recommended to take part of the homestead park with a waffle house, cosy shopping, cultural center and several cafés and restaurants worth visiting. Stay overnight in a luxury city hotel, farmhouse or B&B bar a few kilometres from town. The museum in Hässleholm is only a short bike ride from the trail. Here you can see Sweden's largest collection of military tracked and wheeled vehicles as well as fire trucks, horse-drawn carriages and other miscellaneous equipment.

As early as 14,000 years ago, there were people living on the shores of Lake Finjasjön, but the town of Hässleholm only emerged when the southern trunk line was built at the end of the 19th century. King Gustaf V granted city rights to Hässleholm in 1914 and with just over 100 years, Hässleholm is a young city. 

Hässleholm is a hub for railway traffic with traffic in all directions. Read more on the website of Skånetrafiken if you want or need to take your bike on the train. 

Along Sub trail 101 there are train stations in the following locations: Kristianstad, Kvidinge, Vinslöv, Hässleholm, Tyringe, Perstorp, Klippan, Åstorp and Ängelholm.

13.3 km


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