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Bike along the Scanian plain towards Söderåsen! Along this leg, you bike across a powerful cultural landscape passing an old quarry.

Perhaps you have both eaten, rested and filled your lunch bag in Klippan before the journey continues west where you meet the Scanian plain with lovely views towards Söderåsen. Once in Kvidinge, there is a magnificent monument to view. It stands on the spot where the Swedish Crown Prince Karl August fell off his runaway horse in 1810, so badly that he never regained consciousness and later died. During this period in history, the royal power decreased, but at the same time the kings were celebrated through various raised monuments around the country and here we have an example.

A bit further from the monument is Tomarps Kungsgård, which has an older history as it originally was a Danish medieval castle, but during the 16th century the castle was converted into a Renaissance castle with pinnacles and towers, which unfortunately was torned down during the next major renovation, which took place in the 18th century. Today, the royal estate is a residence but also houses a gallery and café and is a place for various events throughout the year.

Along this leg, you can stop and look out over the cultural landscape which stretches along the northern slopes of Söderåsen. Visit the Kalvahagen nature reserve, which forms a link between Åstorp's center and Söderåsen's deciduous forests. There are meadows and paddocks interspersed with forest and as many as 26 different trees and bushes, can you find them all? You can get some help and clues by visiting the on-site arboretum and outdoor museum.      

At a height next to the quarry in Åstorp, you can with a bit of imagination, discern the profile of an old woman out of the rock. Legend has it that a sorceress was once lured out of the mountain by a suitor. Unfortunately, she did not in time return back into the mountain before dawn, whereupon she was burned by the sun's rays and turned to stone. In addition, the location offers a fantastic view of the old quarry and surrounding landscape.

In Åstorp there are decent train connections and every other thinkable service a cyclist might need. 

Along Sub trail 101 there are train stations in the following locations: Kristianstad, Kvidinge, Vinslöv, Hässleholm, Tyringe, Perstorp, Klippan, Åstorp and Ängelholm.

14.9 km


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