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This section offers solid Scanian industrial history, historic cycle paths and a side-cottage dating from the beginning of the 19th century.

In Perstorp, you can take part in the town's rich industrial history by visiting Plastens Hus. Perstorps vinegar, the Perstorps plate with Sigvard Bernadotte's well-known pattern "Virr-Varr" and Scandinavia's first plastic material are some of the great things that originated here.

In the surrounding landscape, you ride your bike on historic roads, and even today there are visible historical remains from the wayfinding of the time in the form of numerous milestones, signposts, innkeepers' stones and road retaining stones, which were erected around Sweden from the middle of the 17th century. At the old inn, which today is a private residence, one of the many milestones is preserved, and it is said that troops stayed overnight in connection with the Scanian War.

There historical traces are more and Ebbarpshus is a typical example of a side-cottage from the beginning of the 19th century. A small, simple cottage which was inhabited by so-called side-hill cottagers who often lived in very poor conditions as they did not have their own agriculture and land like a crofter had.

Continue your bike run through the beautiful Vedby recreation area, one of Skåne's 19 recreation areas. Just here there are an unusually large number of tree species, so park your bike for a while and take a walk on Trädslingan and learn more about our Swedish tree species.

If you are interested in combining your biking holiday with cycle dressage or paddling with a canoe in river Rönne. The possibility is just south of Klippan, perhaps you want to challenge someone to your own specially designed triathlon?

Are you interested in architecture and building art, then you should pay a visit to St Petri Church. If you have space in your pack, a visit to Klippan Yllefabrik's historic factory store is recommended where you can find bargains both among blankets, yarn and furnishings. 

Along Sub trail 101 there are train stations in the following locations: Kristianstad, Kvidinge, Vinslöv, Hässleholm, Tyringe, Perstorp, Klippan, Åstorp and Ängelholm.

22.9 km


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  • Cykelleden Skåne
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